Cancellation Policy
When you book I guarantee you a specific room for the dates of your reservation, and I never double book. Because of that, I also can't accept cancellations past the two week deadline because I don't have a waiting list.

Guest can cancel up to 14 days before your arrival date and receive a refund.After that, I will retain the full amount unless I can re-book the room for the reservation dates. If I can't re-book the room, I will keep it empty for you on the dates of your reservation. You will have the option of sending another couple in your place, but you must call me before your arrival date since I will continue to try to re-book the room up to the day of the reservation.

Hill Home Forge bed and breakfast • 10 Flagstaff Road • Jim Thorpe PA 18229 • 570-325-0216 •

Hill Home Forge Bed And Breakfast Directions

Take the Northeast Extension of the Pennsylvania Turnpike to exit 74 (first exit after Allentown).
Mountain road route
Follow route 209 South. You will come to a traffic light, cross a bridge, turn right at the light on the other side of the bridge. The road will divide for a couple blocks at the Lehighton bypass, and then rejoin. You will continue through a small group of houses known as Jamestown, go down a big dip called the Packerton dip, and then see another small group of houses known Packerton. The second left turn in Packerton is Beaver Road. Turn left onto Beaver Road. Go half a mile up the hill and turn right onto Flagstaff Road. At this point, you are 2.5 miles from Hill Home Forge. Take Flagstaff Road 1 mile to the top of the mountain ( Gallo’s Pub is on your right), and 1.5 miles down the other side. We are the first house on the right. Don’t panic if you don’t see civilization. This is a woodland road.

Go through town route
Follow route 209 South into Jim Thorpe. Turn left at the first traffic light in Jim Thorpe onto Broadway (the main commercial street). Flagstaff Road is 1.8 miles from this light. Follow Broadway through town and out of town. It changes name to Lentz Trail. Hill Home Forge is located on Flagstaff Road, the second road on the left after leaving town.

Flagstaff road is unmarked, and looks like the entrance to a state park. The water authority has constructed a huge beige water tank just before the Flagstaff turn. Hill Home Forge is the second house on the left on Flagstaff Road, and has a sign at the entrance to the driveway. It is also distinguished by our Iron Man sculpture at the entrance to our driveway.
If you get lost, call us at 570-325-0216.